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The basic oodle features three cylinder-shaped components, each 17 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches high. Educators can set them up for use individually or assist students in stacking them higher. Additionally, by simply flipping a separate, floor-facing disc insert 180 degrees, students can sit still (the insert’s flat side) or enjoy 10 degrees of multidirectional rocking motion (the insert’s convex side). A sturdy rotation lock keeps the proprietary stack-and-lock system securely fastened. Find out more at

Comfortable Motion: oodle’s rocking base features a stable 10º of motion. To add to the feeling of stability for the student, the rocking base features a “stop” at the perimeter of stool base, which signals the student they’ve rocked as far as able.

Student Choice: Let’s face it, flexible and active seating isn’t for every learning situation and shouldn’t be perceived as a distraction (to student or educator). For those situations, the movement disc is easy to flip and remove the movement. We suggest several units set up without motion for students that prefer not to ‘wobble,’ but still, want to join the fun.

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